• UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Journal

    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Undergraduate Research Journal is an open-access and peer reviewed journal of scholarly work conducted by undergraduate students. The goals of this journal are to: 1) provide a platform through which undergraduate students who conduct novel research at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte may publish their work, 2) allow students on the review board to experience the peer review process, and 3) share research that is conducted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with the Charlotte community and beyond. Manuscripts undergo a rigorous review process by a board of student and faculty reviewers. This journal accepts scholarly work from multiple disciplines.

  • Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal

    Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal (DSJ) (ISSN 2578-2029) is a scholarly, blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal which seeks to publish a unique blend of original high-quality research, policy, theory, and practice articles, reflection essays,  book and resource reviews, and arts-based works related to all aspects of social justice in the field of adult, continuing, and adult higher education. DSJ desires to make connections between the study and practice of social justice education from its historical and global roots in adult education to contemporary social justice research, and practice. DSJ also provides a forum for the social activist scholar and artist to use writing and other forms of representation as  vehiclesfor social justice learning. Submissions undergo a peer-review process. There are no author fees.

  • Journal of Applied Educational and Policy Research

    The Journal of Applied Educational and Policy Research (JAEPR) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly, open-access journal of the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in partnership with the North Carolina Association for Researchers in Education (NCARE). The journal's intent is to publish quarterly. All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process by members of the editorial staff, editorial board, and invited reviewers. There are no author fees. JAEPR accepts manuscripts of original research, application of educational research methodology, and commentaries on policy analysis. Articles for the Research section report the results of empirical studies that focus on relevant educational policy-related topics. Articles for the Methods Forum section outline unique applications of educational research and evaluation methods. Articles for the Policy Forum section explore topics relevant to educational policy at the local, state, and national levels.

  • NHSA Dialog

    The mission of NHSA Dialog: The Research-to-Practice Journal for the Early Childhood Field is to: a) offer a quality outlet for research results to the Head Start and broader early childhood community, b) ensure that research results are effectively translated for practice and policy, and c) provide a forum for communication between researchers and practitioners. This journal is a publication of the National Head Start Association (NHSA) and the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation (CEME) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

    ISSN 1930-9325

    To view our latest issue and to preview accepted articles that will appear in future issues, click here.

  • Undergraduate Journal of Psychology

    The purpose of the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology (UJOP) is simple: Encourage, support, and facilitate engagement in science and disseminate exceptional undergraduate research.

    UJOP is a refereed, open-access journal, open to undergraduate students across the U.S. and around the globe. The journal is dedicated to publishing original, student-authored manuscripts. With nearly 30 volumes published since 1987, the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology (UJOP) is the oldest scholarly-reviewed undergraduate journal of Psychology in the U.S.

    UJOP offers undergraduate students an opportunity to receive recognition for their engagement in scientific discovery. Authors can submit various types of articles for submission, provided articles report on timely topics in Psychology or Psychology-related fields. Interdisciplinary work is greatly valued and encouraged! Each manuscript makes a valuable contribution to science.

    • Empirical Research:  Report on a novel study or series of studies performed by the author, which investigates a specific hypothesis or set of hypotheses. Undergraduate authors get to share the results of their hard work with the rest of the world!

    • Literature Reviews: Authors go beyond simply rehashing a particular study or opinion; they show us loose ends in the research and provoke interest in new questions! The key is to consolidate research on a specific topic and present the bigger picture of what has been accomplished and where the research is headed.

    • Hot Topics:  Undergraduate authors are tasked with thinking outside the box and bringing the general public into the scientific conversation. Authors summarize an interesting area of research, an ongoing research debate, or a significant scientific contribution. Most importantly, "Hot Topics" articles make scholarly research more accessible and approachable. The key is to translate scientific concepts into something meaningful and understandable for an audience of non-scientists!

    UJOP also offers an opportunity for undergraduate researchers to become fully immersed in the production of science. Not only is UJOP a top publishing outlet for exceptional undergraduate research, but students actively engage in the peer-review process by being reviewers themselves. We value and promote a whole community approach to the review process, in which authors and their faculty supervisors join our existing community of peer and expert reviewers to reciprocate constructive feedback. The result: Better research, better researchers, and better science!


    Ongoing submissions: All undergraduate students are encouraged to submit manuscripts online via our Open Journal System. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a constructive peer-reviewed journal process and get your work published! Students may be asked to make editorial changes deemed necessary by the review committee. Please visit our submission page for additional details.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact UJOP Editor, Dr. Sara Levens at Please be sure to reference UJOP in the subject line.

    A Journal of the Psychology Department of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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  • Urban Education Research & Policy Annuals

    Chief Editor: Dr. Chance Lewis, Belk Distinguished Professor and Endowed Chair of Urban Education, UNC Charlotte

    ISSN 2164-6406