Editorial Team


  1. Richard G. Lambert, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Managing Editor

  1. C. Missy Butts, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Editorial Advisory Board

  1. Ura Jean Oyemade Bailey, Howard University
  2. Eliana Bhering, Fundação Carlos Chagas
  3. Linda Broyles, Southeast Kansas Community Action Program
  4. Barbara Burns, University of Louisville
  5. Lois-ellin Datta, Datta Analysis
  6. Linda Espinosa, University of Missouri-Columbia
  7. Jason Feld, Assessment Technology Inc.
  8. Mark Fine, University of Missouri-Columbia
  9. Hiram Fitzgerald, Michigan State University
  10. Ellen Galinsky, Family and Work Institute
  11. Walter Gilliam, Yale University, United States
  12. Daryl Greenfield, University of Miami
  13. James Griffin, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
  14. Jacqueline Hayden, Macquarie University
  15. Christopher Henrich, Georgia State University
  16. Alice Honig, Syracuse University
  17. Mark Innocenti, Utah State University
  18. Sharon Kagan, Columbia University
  19. Jon Korfmacher, Erickson Institute
  20. Faith Lamb-Parker, Bank Street College
  21. Michael Lopez, National Center for Latino Child and Family Research
  22. Christine McWayne, New York University
  23. Julia Mendez, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  24. Janis Santos, HCS Head Start, Inc
  25. Lonnie Sherrod, Society for Research in Child Development
  26. Sheila Smith, National Center for Children in Poverty
  27. Esmirna Valencia, Division of Child and Family Services Riverside County Office of Education
  28. Noreen Yazejian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  29. Edward Zigler, Yale University

This journal is a publication of the NHSA and the CEME at UNC Charlotte.