"Let's Read this Book Again": Using Repeated Reading to Support Literal and Inferential Language Skills in Inclusive Preschool Classrooms


  • Alina Mihai
  • Gretchen Butera


literal and inferential language, vocabulary development, repeated book reading, Head Start


In their development as readers, children begin to acquire critical precursory skills long before they enter school. Young children’s language development is particularly enhanced by their opportunities to actively engage in meaningful language interactions with those around them. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that early childhood classrooms provide all children with quality, accessible experiences that promote language development. This paper provides early childhood practitioners with a repeated book reading model which teachers can use to promote essential language skills. In particular, the repeated book reading model presented includes strategies to develop children’s inferential language skills which may be critical to support reading comprehension. An opening and closing vignette is provided to illustrate the use of this framework in an inclusive early childhood classroom.






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