Studying Implementation Process Matters: Implementing an Evidence-Based-Intervention in Early Head Start

Myae Han, Rena Hallam, Jason T Hustedt, Jennifer A Vu, Juana Gaviria-Loaiza


The present study summarizes lessons from implementing an evidence-based parent-child interaction intervention, Promoting First Relationships, within an Early Head Start (EHS) home visiting program. The study documented seven home visitors’ early experiences and feedback with intervention implementation examining overall experiences in using the intervention, challenges and issues identified during implementation, and recommendations and suggestions for sustainability of the intervention within the EHS program. Findings indicate that overall, home visitors reported positive experiences with the implementation process. Some negative experiences were identified in relation to the lengthy training process and changes in home visiting practice. Challenges included learning about intervention content and managing household issues. Recommendations for sustaining the intervention included providing ongoing support and having flexibility with the training process.


Early Head Start, parenting intervention, home visiting, implementation

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