Multi-tiered Narrative Intervention for Preschoolers: A Head Start Implementation Study

Trina D. Spencer


This implementation study examined the efficacy and feasibility of a multi-tiered narrative intervention when Head Start teachers and teaching assistants delivered all of the interventions and progress monitoring probes. In six Head Start classrooms, 105 children were assigned to receive the intervention or to receive their typical instruction. Children who attended the three classrooms that implemented the multi-tiered intervention showed significantly better story retelling and language comprehension skills than the children who attended preschool in the control classrooms. Additional questions addressed the feasibility of a multi-tiered system in Head Start classrooms. Findings indicate that Head Start teachers and teaching assistants can deliver large group, small group, and individual lessons with adequate fidelity; they can administer brief progress monitoring probes with fidelity and score children’s retells reliably. Furthermore, as teachers and teaching assistants become more comfortable with the procedures, they report greater self-efficacy, and overall, greater feasibility of a multi-tiered model in their classrooms.


Head Start, MTSS, implementation, language

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