Effects of Coaching and Performance Feedback on Preschool Teachers Implementation of the Teaching Pyramid Model

Kristi Godfrey-Hurrell, Ph.D., Vivian Correa, Ph.D., Laura Truesdell


Previous research has indicated that a strong connection exists between children’s social and emotional development and their academic performance in school. Yet, the literature has also shown that teachers may be inadequately prepared to help children in obtaining prosocial skills. In the current study, a coaching model was used with three child care center teachers in the implementation of strategies connected with three targeted items from the Teaching Pyramid Model, a comprehensive framework for supporting children’s social and emotional development. Data were collected across four phases: pre-baseline, baseline, intervention, and maintenance. Results indicated improvement among identified targeted items for all teachers from pre-baseline to intervention. Child data for this investigation were variable. The outcomes are shared within the context of both the study’s contributions and limitations.


behavior, coaching, professional development, social and emotional skills, preschool

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