The Impact of Video Self-Reflection on Teacher Practice

  • Michelle Grantham-Caston Louisiana State University
  • Cynthia F DiCarlo


The purpose of this research study was to analyze the teacher’s ability to utilize video self-reflection as a structured learning tool to enhance their teaching practice and CLASS scores. Research has demonstrated that teachers are better able to be self-reflective when provided with a framework (Calandra, Gurvitch, & Lund, 2008). Literature has documented video self-reflection and CLASS as links for growth in children and professional development support for teachers (Pianta, Mashburn, Downer, Hammer, & Justice, 2008). Results from the present study indicated that the teachers became increasingly aware of the CLASS Toddler tool criteria through scoring their own behaviors, which impacted their instructional practices with children and led to increase reliability in scoring and increased CLASS scores.
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