Call For Manuscripts: White Supremacy and Privilege in Adult Education

Themed Issue: White Supremacy and Privilege in Adult Education

Call for Manuscripts
Deadline for abstract: December 15, 2018

Adult education practitioners internationally come from many variant positionalities, cultures contexts, and racial groups. However, in the US context the majority of adult educators are white in both our community and college settings while with increasing frequency teaching students of color. This is not a new phenomenon but one that warrants continued reexamination on the part of the field. In what is arguably not a post racial era, discourse around race appears more and more in the media and daily dialogue – some of this discourse seems productive, other highly disturbing. Adult educators have long been on the front lines of social justice and civil rights as they relate to race; in America, Highlander is a case in point and white adult educators have sometimes been allies with people of color as well. This DSJ issue seeks to explore white privilege and white supremacy both historically in the field as well contemporaneously.

In addition, from an international adult education perspective, research and reflections are sought from White Critical Studies on the role of white privilege and white supremacy in spaces outside of the United States as they intersect with issues of language, culture, post-colonial frameworks and histories in adult education settings. The role of whiteness as it relates to recent social justice movements around the world and how adult education is engaged is also welcomed.

DSJ will publish this themed issue focusing on white privilege and white supremacy in 2019, specifically exploring the role that whiteness plays in pedagogy, research, segregation, and racism in adult education settings while seeking examples of programs, curriculum and thoughtful practice that address white privilege and white supremacy as they relate to adult education and social justice. Suggested topics include the following:

Critical Whiteness Studies
White fragility
white privilege pedagogy
the system of oppression behind privilege
white allies in adult education
white denials of complicity
white ignorance and the danger of good intentions
microaggressions in the classroom
Critical Race Theory
white invisibility
focus on the individual
unpacking the knapsack further
all lives matter paradigm
civil discourse around Whiteness, race and racism
talking about race in the classroom
positionality examined in research
interest convergence

Book reviews and resources, reflections, arts-based work, and original research regarding whiteness in adult social justice education, in-depth reviews of the research and literature, case studies demonstrating the application of innovative teaching methods and strategies that highlight critical or often overlooked issues or have unusual features that would be of general interest to adult educators are sought.

Manuscripts addressing the unique challenges encountered by educators or professionals in applying their knowledge and skill to the problems of those they serve, theoretical/conceptual research with implications for practice among others are welcomed. All submissions must have relevance to adult, continuing, and/or higher education.

Date: December 20, 2018. Invitation to submit full manuscript to be sent to authors
Date: April 30, 2019. Deadline for submission of full manuscript
Date:August, 2019 Issue Published
Submitted manuscripts must be written in the style outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.), not previously published, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
You may submit your proposal directly to our electronic Manuscript Submission Portal.
We hope you will consider submitting your manuscript for review for this themed issue of Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal. Please direct inquiries to

Lisa R. Merriweather, Joni Schwartz, Edith Gnanadass, Rodney Maiden

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