Currently Accepting Manuscript Proposals - Liberation Theology, Adult Education & Social Justice: Winter 2021


Paulo Freire has long been heralded as a critical educator, innovator, and in many ways father of adult education critical pedagogy. In the West, he is viewed as a secular humanist or Marxist adult educator (Leopando, 2017). Less is known about his faith and his relationship to liberation theology as the driving force of his work. Kyrilo (2011) wrote, “There is no doubt that he lived a liberating Christian faith and significantly contributed to the thinking of liberation theology.” (, p. 167).

         This themed issue aims to explore the intersections between Liberation Theology, Adult Education and Social Justice beginning with the life of Freire but moving beyond to other liberation theologists invested in adult education both formally and informally as a vehicle for addressing oppression and social injustices. Religious and spiritual adult educators of all faiths and community based organizations who teach and write from an emancipatory adult theoretical framework should consider submitting.

       From historical and contemporaneous contexts as well as international and national perspectives, this issue seeks to explore the role of religion and faith toward social justice goals as they reveal themselves in adult education settings. The editors are especially interested in the theme of liberation theology and adult learning from international frameworks, and are also seeking manuscripts that question and critique the role of liberation theology, religion, and spirituality in social justice education.  Research manuscripts, book reviews, film reviews, and reflections are sought that are focused on this theme.

DSJ anticipates publishing this issue on the historical, international, and contemporaneous relationships, convergences, intersections between Liberation Theology, adult education and social justice in Winter, 2021. Topics for consideration include but are not limited to:

  • Paulo Freire, Africa, and adult education
  • Digital challenge of critical pedagogy
  • Pedagogy of insurrection
  • Liberation Theology, Marxism & Adult Education
  • Paulo Freire, his faith & liberation theology
  • Christian faith & revolutionary critical pedagogy
  • Peter McLaren - his writings
  • Anti-capitalist literary praxis
  • Critical educators as liberation theologists
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to critical pedagogy
  • Convergence of liberation theology and critical pedagogy
  • Black Liberation Theology, Feminist Liberation Theology, Jewish Liberation Theology & Latino/a Liberation Theology
  • Critical consciousness, Freire & Jesus
  • Teaching literacy & social analysis
  • Objectifying conditions of oppression - the work of adult educators
  • Evangelical church in America, Liberation Theology & adult education
  • Leonardo Boff, Gustavo Gutierrez & Paulo Freire
  • Social praxis & the prophetic church
  • Jose Porfiro Miranda, James Cone
  • Martin Luther King from an adult education perspective
  • Highlander, Myles Horton, MLK & Liberation Theology
  • Jean Bretrande. Aristide, Liberation Theology & adult education
  • Romero - the cost of liberation theology & social praxis
  • Social Justice Educators & liberation theology
  • Che Guevara, the church & collective organizing
  • Social Imagination - C.W. Mills
  • Quakers and Adult Education

Book reviews and resources, reflections, art-based work, and original research regarding any of the above topics are welcomed. Also, in-depth reviews of the research and literature, case studies demonstrating the application of innovative teaching methods and strategies born of the intersection of liberationist thought and adult education are encouraged. Case studies of adult educators past and present who engage/ed a liberation theological perspective: Aristide, Myles Horton, Che Guevara, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., bell hooks, Derrick Bell, etc., should be considered.

All submissions must have relevance to adult, continuing, and/or higher education as well as relevance to Liberation Theological thought and social justice. We are specifically looking to include contributions from adult educators in faith-based settings, community based programs, social justice activists who employ adult education practice as well as the university community.


June 15, 2020:  Due to COVID-19 the  Deadline for 250 word abstract has been extended

June 20, 2020: Notification of invitation to submit full manuscript

August 30, 2020: Deadline for submission of full manuscript

Winter 2021: Publication of issue.

Submitted manuscripts must be written in the style outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.), not previously published, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. You may submit your proposal directly to our email:

We hope you will consider submitting your manuscript for review for this themed issue of Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal. Please direct inquiries to


Lisa R. Merriweather, Joni Schwartz,  Rodney Maiden, Edith Gnanadass
Dialogues in Social Justice

Kirylo, James D. (2011): Paulo Freire: The Man from Recife. New York: Peter Lang.

Leopando, I. (2017). A pedagogy of faith: The theological vision of Paulo Freire. New York: Bloomsbury