Social Movement Literacy: Syllabus

Jason Del Gandio


The following syllabus is for a course on “social movement literacy” (SML).  The course is currently being taught at Grateford State Prison (just outside of Philadelphia).  The basic purpose of SML is to help educate students on how to properly read and understand the nature and function of social movements.  SML is not reducible to learning about a handful of specific social movements; instead, SML establishes core skills and knowledges that enable people to recognize, discuss, perhaps participate in and, if need be, intelligently critique, the ideologies, political motivations, and tactics of social movements.


Social Justice; Social Movements; Activism; Prison Pedagogy; Literacy

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This is a syllabus to be potentially published in the Book Reviews and Resources section. There are no references other than the reading list for the course.


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