Building the Movement in Fragile City: Creative Responses to Hyper-Development


  • Priscilla Stadler LaGuardia Community College/City University of New York


Creative Social Justice, Community Engagement, Social Practice Art, Social Justice, Authentic Learning


Gentrification is an economic, cultural and physical expression of white privilege that displaces those with limited financial resources, especially people of color. As the USA’s most rapidly developing neighborhood,1 Long Island City (L.I.C.), Queens is transforming from industrial/residential to shiny towers with skyrocketing property values, amplified further with Amazon’s recent announcement of their proposed new headquarters, already driving prices even higher.2 As both an artist and worker in L.I.C., I am a community stakeholder. Four of my recent art projects center this contested landscape, and invite others to join me in exploring and questioning it. My work, which includes social practice projects as well as objects such as installations and paintings, can provide opportunities for those who engage with it to learn about the causes and effects of displacement due to profit-driven real estate. There will be 12 15 images from these projects with descriptive captions.

Author Biography

Priscilla Stadler, LaGuardia Community College/City University of New York

Interdisciplinary Artist and Associate Director for Instructional Design, LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning, LaGuardia Community College/City University of New York


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