Elizabeth Ajazi, Sharon Bullock, Wafaa Shaban, Debra Shafer, John Taylor


Attendance is extremely important for success in college. Instructors are encouraged to emphasize the strong positive correlation between attendance and course performance. Class size and the type of class taught dictate the most appropriate policy to follow. This chapter is about the best practices and options that work with most classes. As always, any class attendance policy is strictly up to the professor, but this chapter includes some basic guidelines. Emphasizing the importance of attendance could be achieved in many different ways including giving incentives to students to come to class and providing opportunities to participate in group projects. As a resource to faculty, we discuss common bookkeeping techniques for large, small, and online/hybrid courses such as the use of technology, roll call, seating charts, quizzes, and in-class/group-activities. We will also explore different ways attendance can affect students’ grades including rewards versus penalties, and making the attendance a percentage of the final grade.

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