Evaluation of Diversity and Multicultural Integration Training in Higher Education

Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley, Lisa Merriweather, Jo Ann Lee, Ozalle Toms


The purpose of this study was to evaluate diversity training on faculty using a quantitative methods research design. Faculty at a large research university in the southeast attended a week long diversity institute whose purpose was to assist faculty in infusing multicultural education into their syllabi, courses, and curriculum.   The authors wanted to determine if faculty were using the skills learned in the institute in their classes and if students benefitted from the training that faculty received.  Both faculty and students were administered self-report surveys to provide feedback on the effect, if any, on the achievement of desired outcomes from diversity training.  Overall, the quantitative analysis indicated that the Institute had a significantly positive effect on both faculty and students.


multicultural education, higher education, faculty diversity training, effects of diversity training, infusing diversity, infusing multicultural education

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