Preliminary Analysis of Technical Characteristics of the Basic Technology Competencies for Educators Inventory-Revised

  • Patricia Wilkins UNC Charlotte
  • Claudia P. Flowers UNC Charlotte
  • Bob Algozzine UNC Charlotte
Keywords: Basic technology competencies, educators, validity and reliability


The purpose of the present study was to update and evaluate technical characteristics of the Basic Technology Competencies for Educators Inventory. Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate teacher education majors provided data for analysis. The principal component analysis supported the theoretical structure of the 10 components hypothesized in the design. The before and after instruction study supported the predicted change that would be expected after instruction in basic technology, with large effect sizes. The internal consistency reliability coefficients indicated a high level of homogeneity within components and across all items on the BTCEI-R scores, which will result in consistent scores. The results of this study support the use of the BTCEI-R for measuring educators’ technology competencies.

Author Biographies

Patricia Wilkins, UNC Charlotte

Clinical Professor

Department of Educational Leadership

Claudia P. Flowers, UNC Charlotte


Department of Educational Leadership

Bob Algozzine, UNC Charlotte


Department of Educational Leadership

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