Teachers Can Untangle the Truth from Myth in the Classroom: Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to “Developing the Brain.” An Application of Deans for Impact (2015)

  • Maria Leahy University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Rebecca Shore
  • Richard Lambert
Keywords: brain development, neuroscience, cognitive science, learning


An interdisciplinary partnership between cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, college professors, and professional educators conducting research and implementing best practices in the classroom may potentially enhance the science of developing and nurturing the brain, the science of learning.  This article discussed three practical implications: (a) understanding and teaching with learning differences in mind; (b) recognizing student interest and motivation; and (c) assessing and building prior knowledge to influence positive outcomes. In conclusion, examples of current cohort model research and opportunities for collaboration between neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, and classroom teachers are highlighted.