Vol 1, No 2

Table of Contents


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Research Articles

A Case Study: An Investigation of the High School Experience and College Performance Using Interviews and Latent Growth Curve Modeling PDF
Theodore Kaniuka, Angela Mullennix
The Early Implementation of Common Core State Standards in Mathematics in a Parochial Middle School in North Carolina: A Case Study PDF
Candace Mazze
Hispanic students’ perceptions of factors that enabled high school completion and college performance at a selective Predominately White Institution in the Southeastern United States PDF
Eldemira Isabel Segovia, Michele A. Parker, Victoria Bennett

Methods Forum Articles

Changing “I”: Autoethnography and the Reflexive Self PDF
Lisa R. Merriweather
Selecting Statistical Procedures for Multi-Level Data: Examining Relationships between Principal Authenticity and Teacher Trust and Engagement PDF
Chuang Wang, James J. Bird

Policy Forum Articles

Turning Data into Information: Helping Community Colleges Use Existing Data to Advance Student Success PDF
Mark M. D'Amico, Grant B. Morgan

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