Effects of Attractiveness on Perceived Trustworthiness

Tabitha Dewolf


Physical attractiveness is associated with a variety of positive social attributes, with trustworthiness being one of the most important. While there are several different ways to perceive attractiveness and trust, an individual’s smile is an important part of the process. This study investigated the interactions of facial attractiveness and smiling intensity on rapid assessments of attractiveness and trustworthiness. Participants rated the perceived attractiveness and trustworthiness of three sets of male and three sets female faces, each with either a closed, open, or extreme smiling intensity. Results reveal that attractiveness and trust were both influenced by the smiling intensity; a smiling intensity increased from a closed to open expression so to did ratings of attractiveness and trust. Extreme smiles proved to be the exception, ratings of both attractiveness and trustworthiness decreased for extreme smiles.

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ISSN: 2325-0917