Effects of Personality and Mood on Perception of Others: Shifting Standards or Social Projection?

Kami Ann Winship, Eric Stocks


The present research tested two hypotheses regarding social perception: (1) that observers judge the actions of others in reference to the group to which they belong, and (2) that observers project their own personality characteristics onto others during the judgment process.  In Study 1, participants reported their perceptions of people from different groups engaging in group-atypical behavior.  The results support our first hypothesis.  In Study 2, the same procedure was used, except participants also reported their level of introversion and extroversion.  The results supported both hypotheses.  In Study 3, a third personality dimension, agreeableness, was added to the procedure.  The results support the first, but not the second, hypothesis.  Situational factors that influence when projection occurs are discussed.


extraversion;introversion; perception; personality; mood

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ISSN: 2325-0917