Vol 28, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Empirical Research

Is Parental Support or Parental Involvement More Important for Adolescents? Article PDF
Rachel Elizabeth Ruholt, Jonathan Gore, Kristina Dukes pages 1 to 8
Attitudes Toward Gay Men and Lesbians Among College Students at a Christian University: Examining In-Group Social Influence, Attitude Functions, and Ally Identity Article PDF
Nathan Mather pages 9 to 19
Are Smart Phones Inhibiting Smartness? Smart Phone Presence, Mobile Phone Anxiety, and Cognitive Performance Article PDF
Emily Louise Pellowe, Angier Cooper, Brent A Mattingly pages 20 to 25
Analysis of NIHS: Depression, Anxiety, and Apathy in Parkinson’s Disease Article PDF
Allan Kluttz pages 26 to 34
Relation Between Waking Personality Factors and the Affective Nature of Dreaming Experience Article PDF
Chandril Chandan Ghosh pages 35 to 45
The Effect of the Nature and Perceived Validity of Zodiac Personality Predictions of on Logic Test Performance Article PDF
Rebecca L. Brown, Moira E. Kisch, Maria R. Miller, Nicole M Pacera, Rebecca M. Perrottet, Jennifer L. Stevenson pages 46 to 54
Electronic Media Use and Sleep Quality Article PDF
Rebekah Morgan Lavender pages 55 to 62

ISSN: 2325-0917