Vol 29, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Empirical Research

Perceived Job Autonomy and Employee Engagement as Predictors of Organizational Commitment Article PDF
Jocelyn Tang Phaik Lin, Nicole Chen Lee Ping pages 1 to 16
Oh the lemons in life: Individual differences in emotion processing predict post-trauma depression. Article PDF
Tabitha Nicole Alverio, Sara M Levens pages 17 to 26
Effects of Personality and Mood on Perception of Others: Shifting Standards or Social Projection? Articel PDF
Kami Ann Winship, Eric Stocks pages 27 to 38
Linking Seductive Details and the Isolation Effect Article PDF
Meagan Padro Pages 39 to 51
Type-A Personality and Procrastination Article PDF
Samantha Maria DiMeglio Pages 52 to 62

ISSN: 2325-0917