An Investigation of Mathematics Performance of High School Students in Lagos state, Nigeria: External Factors.

Olalekan Olajide Idowu


The study was conducted to investigate the external factors affecting the performance of high school students in Lagos state, Nigeria in mathematics taking the views of senior high school students. A total of 276 students (with age ranges from 13 – 20 years old) out of the initial 287 that were randomly selected from the two rural secondary schools completed the survey. Using a descriptive survey designed questionnaire, data collected were analyzed using both general linear model and Pearson correlation analysis. Findings from the study indicated among others that inappropriate spending by government, teachers’ qualification, overpopulated schools among other factors contributed to the poor performance of the students to a large extent. From the findings, the role of government is key to better performance of the students, it is recommended therefore that fund should be made available to create more schools and to improve teachers’ productivity

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