Vol 5, No 1 (2017)

UERPA Education Research & Policy Annuals

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Urban Education Research and Policy Annuals

Table of Contents PDF HTML
Derrick Robinson


A Foreward PDF HTML
Derrick Robinson

Journal Articles

Section I PDF
Derrick Robinson
Limiting Access to School Libraries for Children of Poverty: A Road Block to Student Achievement PDF HTML
Tracey Creech
The Battle at Home: African American Veterans in Higher Education PDF HTML
Dymilah Hewitt
Section II PDF
Derrick Robinson
The Relevance of Critical Race Theory: Impact on Students of Color PDF HTML
Monica Allen
Afrocentric Curriculum in Urban Schools PDF HTML
Kelly Rhyne
Coding and Decoding: Cultural Communication and Its Impact on Teacher/Student Relations PDF HTML
Joseph Allen
Section III PDF
Derrick Robinson
True to Form: Implementing a Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with Fidelity PDF HTML
Tamera Moore
North Carolina Teacher Preparation Programs and their Connection to Effective Teachers PDF HTML
John Andrew Williams, III
You Can Do This! Instructional Coaches Influence Teachers PDF HTML
Torieann Dooley Kennedy